Experience You Can Depend On

Jon Fieldman has distinguished himself as a business leader, problem solver and trusted advisor in a range of executive positions in different industries. This unique background makes him the ideal choice to help you meet your challenges as well.

Saving a Troubled Hedge Fund

A hedge fund with $230 million under management faced a devastating crisis. Under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it was a time of high anxiety with careers and reputations on the line. The firm’s very survival was at stake, interests were sometimes divergent and five different outside counsel were involved. In this volatile situation that required extreme sensitivity and prudence, Jon Fieldman, serving as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, gained the confidence of the partners and attorneys involved. Exercising sound judgment and integrity and bringing to bear his problem-solving abilities, he directed a strategy that resolved the SEC crisis and stabilized the firm.

Turning an IT Department into a Revenue Generator

Senior management of a $280 million logistics company did not fully understand how the Information Technology department functioned and the services it provided. Lack of confidence between top management and the IT department severely impeded productivity, customer service and overall morale. The CEO hired Jon Fieldman as the Chief Information Officer because of his leadership, problem-solving and management results and charged him with fixing the situation. Jon Fieldman restructured the department and got the business people involved. He also transformed the entire culture of the IT department from guarding its turf to customer-centered value creation. He established a system of accountability, performance metrics and rewards. Moreover, he initiated a new model whereby the company charged customers for IT services transforming the department from strictly a cost center to a revenue-producing asset.

Managing a Global Collections Initiative

A Fortune 500 company established a dedicated subsidiary to collect more than $1 billion owed by the reinsurers for huge asbestos claims. The company placed Jon Fieldman on point for the legal strategy for this global collections process. The stakes were enormous because if the company lost just one lawsuit to one reinsurer, all the other reinsurers might be entitled to not pay. Jon Fieldman worked closely with numerous outside counsel to formulate and then successfully implement a complex strategy for achieving a collection result that far exceeded the corporate parent’s expectations.

Preparing a Legacy Company for Sale

A major corporation wanted to sell a subsidiary but faced a major problem: The lifeblood of the subsidiary was a single mainframe computer and hundreds of applications that resided on it. The subsidiary selected Jon Fieldman to devise and implement a solution for migrating the company off the mainframe. He led multiple business teams to devise an overall plan to determine each department’s strategy, systems and processes going forward. Working together under his leadership, these teams were able to implement and integrate five different solutions, virtually eliminating the mainframe and paving the way for a successful sale of the company.