Legal Health Checkup

Many small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals, are not completely aware of their legal health. Through the years, owners and executives make many legal agreements covering business, finance, and health. It’s easy to lose track of the documents–and the legal risks.

To minimize risks, prevent problems, and organize legal documents Fieldman Law Group provides a Legal Health Checkup service. Fieldman will:

  • Inventory all legal agreements and documents
  • Assess their status to ensure they are up to date, appropriate to current conditions, and still in force
  • Update all documents and agreements as required
  • File any government, regulatory, financial, or other forms as needed
  • Organize all legal agreements and documents for future reference

Fieldman Law Group’s Legal Health Checkup covers all areas of company and personal business, including:
– Contracts
– Trusts and Estates
– Insurance
– Financing
– Buy-Sell Agreements
– Master Services Agreements
– Employment
– Benefits
– Independent Contractors
– Government Filings
– Leases and Real Estate
– Intellectual Property Protection
– Corporate Record Keeping
– General Record Keeping

For a no fee, no obligation, confidential consultation, call Jon Fieldman at 312 961-3844.