The work done by Jon Fieldman and his network of lawyers at Fieldman Law Group speaks for itself:
Resolving Pension Accounting Errors
Serving as an Outsourced General Counsel
Negotiating an Executive Exit

General Business

Fieldman Law saves penalties by helping resolve errors in pension accounting before the government does.

Fieldman Law was retained by a professional services firm when it discovered errors in employees’ 401(k) plans for ERISA compliance. The errors went back a number of years, and the potential penalties were significant.

A problem, yes. But not as big as it would have been had the government discovered them first. Fieldman Law handled both the complex pension accounting and the sensitive financial negotiations.

“The first and most remarkable aspect of dealing with Fieldman Law was its consistent questions. They questioned every detail throughout the engagement,” said the firm’s CEO. “For reasonable fees, Fieldman Law was very thorough in gathering the information that we needed and helping us present it in the most accurate way.”

Fieldman Law also ensured that the client responded in a timely fashion. Fieldman’s legal and financial team integrated with the client’s staff and managed the project from the start through to final resolution.

“The firm’s methodology of thorough preparation and consistent follow-up continued throughout the six months of the engagement,” the CEO said, “which ended up with Fieldman saving us easily $60,000 – $100,000 in penalties.”

General Business

Fieldman Law saves legal fees, prevents litigation, and negotiates a settlement as a firm’s general counsel.

Read the complete letter of recommendation by Hanson J. Ansary, PhD, CEO, and President, Global Management Services, Inc.

Executive Counsel

Fieldman Law helps a senior executive negotiate an excellent exit package while maintaining a positive ongoing relationship with the company.

A senior software executive exiting his company needed to negotiate the terms of the exit, which required delicate positioning for both the company and the executive. At the same time, the executive needed to understand his financial and employment rights as stated in many years of employment, stock option, and other agreements.

The executive wanted to leave the company on good terms, but he also wanted to avoid giving up anything he didn’t have to. In reviewing the executive’s agree­ments, Fieldman Law found flaws that put the executive in a much better negotiat­ing position than any other executive in the company.

“We put the language side by side, and that helped me get clarity,” said the executive, who conducted the negotiations himself with Fieldman’s expert advice.

Fieldman gave the executive advice on the structure of the agreements and coached him on how to handle a thorny negotiation process. He ensured that the executive could speak the language of the law in a way that a CEO would under­stand. “Jon was terrific at advising me when to hold and when to fold,” said the executive.

At the conclusion of negotiations, Fieldman got his client very favorable terms without damaging his relationship with the company. In working with the company to craft the exit language, the executive also retained goodwill for the company among the employees that he oversaw.