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Fieldman Law Group founder Jon Fieldman is a trusted advisor to CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations in Chicago and beyond.

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Drawing on a unique background of legal, executive, technology, operations, and non-profit experience, the law firm of Fieldman Law Group achieves results by following a five-part method:

      1. Getting to know you, your business, and your legal challenges.
      2. Assessing accurately and honestly how we can help.
      3. Defining a clear path of action that keeps us accountable and on schedule.
      4. Providing follow up and follow through that keeps you on track and adjusting when necessary.
      5. Billing transparently and accurately so you always know what you are paying for.

Good teamwork is essential to achieving great results. Through exceptional client leadership and an extensive network of excellent legal and business experts, Fieldman Law Group provides a unique combination of legal, strategic, and business advice that translates into great results.

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